About Gemstone Stud:


Gemstone is a small rattery, run by my myself Gemma Corfield and based near to Walsall/ Wolverhampton, West Midlands. I have owned fancy rats for about 17 years now and they have been a big part of my life in that time. I mainly keep rats as pets and also enter them at shows both under varieties and pets.

I aim to attend as many shows as I am able to across the midlands and the rest of the UK, I have also had the chance to judge pets, steward and scribe and learn more about the judging process in that time. I have now qualified as an NFRS judge.

I am a member of the of the NFRS (Natonal Fancy Rat Society) and the Midlands Rat Club. The name 'Gemstone' is registered with the NFRS and MRC and is a means of identifying rats bred by myself, I have also been granted my stud name following some excellent show results.

If you would like more information on showing or would like to come along to a show I'm always happy to help out newcomers, let me know.

We will usually be at most shows with some of our rats - so do come along and have a chat!

Why Breed? 

 The decision to breed followed years of careful thought and after waiting for the right time I feel I can now dedicate my spare time and effort to improving the varieties of rats I have chosen.   My main aims include improving health, longevity and maintaining good temperaments of the rats I breed. Secondary to this I aim to breed rats that meet the standard for the varieties I breed as exhibition animals.

I will be focusing on Russian Topaz and also Essex marked, mainly in Russian Blue. There may sometimes be dumbo available but we do not breed for them specifically so there will be a much longer wait if you specifically want dumbo.

Other varieties such as Russian Blue, Russian Blue Agouti, Russian Buff, Black and Agouti may be available from time to time as they occur in litters but are not guaranteed.

Recently we have begun working towards good show quality platinum rats and cinnamon pearl. Therefore these varieties and other related varieties will be available from time to time. 

A Big Thank You

I must say a huge thanks to Debbie Lauf at Beltane Rats for offering her help, advice and support as I start out on my own and also for providing my first breeding Doe. Without being given the wonderful opportunity to foster a litter and raise kittens, I doubt that I would have realised my dream to start breeding rats myself. She has already been a huge help and a good friend over the years, accompanying me to shows and providing me with many rat kittens over the time we have known one another and I hope that we will continue to work closely together in the future.